Batteri Automower 320, 330X & 420

Automower® Battery 320, 330X & 420

Battery for Automower 320, 330X, and 420. All three of these models use the same type of battery. In 2020, Husqvarna updated the battery type for these three models, and the old type with encased cells is no longer available. The current original battery is an encapsulated unit in a plastic container. This also means that if you're changing to a new original battery, you will also need to replace the battery holder. The holder is included in the package when purchasing an original battery. The new battery has a larger capacity of 4.0Ah instead of the previous 3.2Ah, which means approximately 25% longer mowing time. We have a description of how to change the battery to the new type.
Current part numbers: 529 60 68-01 (original), 580 68 33-01 (alternative)
Previous part numbers: 589 58 52-01 & 580 68 33-01
Battery Automower LI-ION 320,330X,420
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Battery Automower 5200mAh 320, 420, 330X
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Battery kit Automower LI-ION 330X
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Replacing the Battery for Automower 320, 330X, and 420
Replacing the battery on your Husqvarna Automower 320, 330X, or 420 is relatively straightforward if you're somewhat handy. No special tools are required and no programming is needed after battery replacement.
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